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Union Park Will Be Getting a New Park

Union Park will be getting a new park! The City has confirmed that it now owns three vacant parcels along Griggs Street across from Skyline Tower and they will be converted into a five-acre park.  

In total, the land cost $2.5 million. The Trust for Public Land bought the final parcel with private funds, and donated it to the city. The other two parcels were purchased with a combination of private and funds and money from the City’s 8 80 Vitality Fund.

According to a green space assessment, just 2.3 percent of the area is dedicated to parkland, although parks make up an average of 15 percent of St. Paul. The new park will be within a ten-minute walk of more than 2,600 residents – including the residents of Skyline Tower, who are largely East African immigrants.

Skyline residents, along with other community partners including Union Park, Gordon Parks High School and the Lexington-Hamline Community Council, have been working for years on this effort.  A few years ago, residents of Skyline brought St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman up to the 24th floor of the building to look out on the surrounding storefronts, restaurants, the Green Line light rail route, lots of parking lots – and no green space.

While the community will now undoubtedly get that much needed green space, it will take some time to raise funds to develop it, and to design and build it. Union Park will be working with the Trust for Public Land to engage residents on visioning for the park, and with the City on its development.

Opportunities to get involved:

Email with your ideas for the new park, read a summary of our park listening conducted so far, and join us for the following upcoming events:

Thursday, May 25, 2:30-5:00pm at new park

Monday, July 31, 4:00-8:00pm at new park

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