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Current Land Use Items

The following issues will be up for discussion at the next Land Use Committee meeting being held at 6:30 on Monday, November 16th at the Merriam Park Rec Center (2000 Saint Anthony Avenue):

University Avenue Parking Proposal

Presentation & Discussion with Nancy Homans – Mayor’s Office, City of St. Paul

After an extensive survey and traffic study, the City has created a proposal to restore on-street parking in some parts of University Avenue from 6pm—2am, which would reduce traffic to one lane in both directions in those areas. The affected segements and more details are described in this summary of the recommendations. Our Committee may vote on a recommendation related to this proposal. 


The Heights: Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

Presentation & Discussion with Executive Director Colin Faulkner

This organization is proposing the development of an outpatient treatment program to serve male and female adults who have substance use disorders, and substance use disorders with co-occurring mental disorders, to be located at their offices at 1246 University Avenue West #100. It is seeking a letter of support from our Committee.


Accessory Dwellings Presentation

Presentation & Discussion with Jamie Radel – City of St. Paul Planner

A City Planner will be prsented draft recommendations on some potential tools providing for additional housing allowances along the Central Corridor, specifically within ½ mile of the light rail line.  Our Committee may weigh in on the recommendations.


Housing Density Working Group

Last month, our Committee voted to establish a working group to evaluate single family home use for non-single family home purposes (sober houses, group homes, student housing, etc.) This group will be presenting a Charter defining the scope and direction of its work, and will request that our Committee adopt it.